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trends in Cologne
Four long years of separation passed and Tengo team again visited the ORGATEC international exhibition in Cologne, Germany. For us, this is not only an opportunity to establish contacts with suppliers, but also a chance to learn new trends.
ORGATEC - is a high concentration of professionals and the latest innovations in architecture and design of the highest level in the field of office interiors.
In total, 686 companies from 43 countries took part in the exhibition. For comparison, in 2018 there were 753 companies from 39 countries.
Manufacturers presented their products and solutions for our ever-evolving work environment. The restart of ORGATEC 2022 after the break caused by the pandemic was a huge success with 45,000 visitors from 130 countries.

We were glad to be among them
and look forward to implementing
the ideas we received in Your projects!
ORGATEC trends 2022
Undoubtedly important and undeniable, penetrating into every product. Talks about responsibility, care and about new mandatory tender conditions.
PET acoustic.
Felt made from more than 50% plastic. Perhaps there were no productors that did not add some kind of PET product to the product line
Phone boothes.
Leaders like Framery have strengthened their positions and improved in quality.
Neo Mint.
A dusty mint color adored by designers.
Height-adjustable tables.
Height-adjustable tables are especially relevant in conditions of reduced physical activity during remote work.
Trash bins.
In recycling sphere an incredible number of manufacturers of garbage cans appeared.
Textured fabric.
Boucle, felt, textured fabrics and prints.
Home office.
Workplaces and lounge furniture in the home interior dominate over the classic office: table + chair.
Natural materials.
Search for even more naturalness, wooden textures and home interiors.
Abundance of small details.
An abundance of small details: Agile accessories, marker boards, poufs, mobile stands, baloons, etc.

It is always a charge of inspiration and energy for TENGO members to have an opportunity to participate in professional exhibitions.