NEW PRODUCTS 2021 FROM NARBUTAS: SURF task chair AND ROUND desk system

Meet the novelties of the Lithuanian factory Narbutas! The brand's collection has a grandiose addition: designer desk system ROUND, eco-friendly PET felt desk screens and a comfortable and aesthetic Surf task chair with an innovative 3D Runner Mesh.
Round Desk
The ROUND desk system allows creating rational and comfortable workplaces that can adapt to different needs in open-plan offices.

The ROUND desk system is easy to set up and can be expanded from a single desk to the desired arrangement of bench desks. You will be able to make the most of your office space and to accommodate a desired number of workplaces, while at the same time retaining the full ergonomic setup of an individual workplace.

Round PET Desk Screens
ROUND PET acoustic desk screens are an excellent solution to ensure a greater level of privacy and acoustic comfort for employees. A personalized workplace improves efficiency: employees can more easily focus on their tasks and not be distracted by extraneous factors. Screens also improve a safer work environment by dividing space between seated team members.
ROUND PET screens are designed for the ROUND desk system but can also be used with other desktops. They are made from PET felt, which is 50% recycled plastic and recyclable. Various colors, sizes, and patterns are available to order.
Surf Task Chair
SURF, a new task chair that stands out from the crowd. Curved backrest, innovative 3D Runner Mesh, and pleasant shades for neutral interiors as well as bright spaces!

Surf is a task chair with an appealing backrest silhouette resembling a windsurfing sail. The chair provides comfort throughout the working day and gently supports the back in the correct position.

The adjustable lumbar support, synchro mechanism, and movable armrests easily adapt the chair to your individual needs.

SURF adjustment features:

  • Height-adjustable lumbar support. A flexible backrest mesh membrane adapts to the natural curves of your back while the height-adjustable lumbar support induces a correct posture while seated.
  • 2D or 3D armrests. Give proper support for your arms and shoulders while working long hours at the desk.
  • Synchro mechanism. The chair is produced with two variants of the synchro mechanism: limiting the backrest deflection or its complete blocking. The mechanism ensures a harmonious movement of the seat and backrest.
  • Up to 60 mm seat-depth adjustment. The seat depth adjustment allows adapting the chair based on the user's stature. Moving the seat in and out will minimize pressure on the thighs and give proper backrest support while distributing the body weight evenly across the seat cushion.
  • Tilt tension adjustment. This function allows you to control how easily the chair tilts, depending on your weight and the force that is being used to lean back.
Narbutas is a Lithuanian factory that creates solutions for modern offices, taking into account all the needs of teams from different fields. Professional and experienced designers of Narbutas work closely with a dedicated innovation department to find optimal and functional solutions that easily adapt to different spaces.
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