Acoustic Peak

Bejot (Poland)
Absorbers for special tasks

Glass, concrete, metal – are the materials predominating in each modern office building, at the same time disrupting the interior acoustics. The solution to this problem can be the minimalistic, innovative and having unbelievable acoustic properties, sound absorbers that will effectively silence any interior.

First and foremost, functionality

The acoustic functions are not the only advantages of the Acoustic Peak. A possibility of installing a roof that increases the acoustic parameters, table top or casters and the presence of an insert made of the easily cleaned material and a table top, increases its functionality. With the Acoustic Peak, create your space for the quick meetings, a mobile waiting room or a place where you can eat your lunch.

Additional equipment for APTW (only for version with a top)
  • Round mediaport (white or black) - 1 voltage socket 230 V (type E- Poland / France)
  • Round Mediaport (white or black) - 2 x USB charger