Narbutas (Lithuania)
One chair for different office areas

Functional NORTH CAPE task chairs can be perfectly used not only in the working areas, but also in meeting rooms, where long and exhausting meetings are taking place. With the help of knee-tilt mechanism in task chairs you will be able to control stiffness of the backrest according to your needs. You will also be able to lock the backrest in 4 comfortable positions. Moreover, because of the swinging mechanism you can avoid staying in the same position for too long. The base of the chair has castors which help easily move in the room.

Adjustment features:

- Knee-tilt mechanism with centered axis
The backrest and the seating part are joined together. When you lean back, the whole chair tilts. This mechanism allows you to lean back without lifting your feet from the ground, thus no pressure is put on your calves. Tilting mechanism has a function of returning automatically to the initial position and 4 locking positions.
- Tension adjustment
This function allows you to control how easily the chair tilts, depending on your weight and the force that is being used to lean back.